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My name is Ryan Demaree and I am an Abstract-Surrealist painter, Science/Astronomy enthusiast and gamer from Columbus, Ohio born October 28th 1991. This blog is a collection of my thoughts regarding events in my life, art, science and anything that generally crosses my mind and urges me to talk about it.

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Wednesday, March 21, 2012


Kissing in Ohio

I am in a LDR [Long distance relationship] with my gf who lives in Canada. Her name is Ginela Gonzalez and she is a Cuban-Canadian, meaning that she was born in Cuba and lived there until she was about 8 yrs old and then moved to Canada along with her mom and brother where her uncles and cousin had moved to previously. With me living in the USA [Columbus, OH] and her living in Mississauga, ON [Canada] its about an 8 hr drive in difference. So not too bad, but still a lil ways away.

We first met each other on an art site back in mid september 2010 and started being “romantic” towards each other late september 2010. So we have been together for over a year now [working on 2 years] and we have seen each other twice now and are already planning the 3rd visit!
This relationship works out really well because like me, she is into the arts and has a creative mind. Its extremely hard for someone in the arts to be in a relationship with someone who really isnt that passionate about it or doesnt have the strong drive or at least understanding on how an artists mind works and why they do what they do and why they do it with such passion.
I myself am a painter. I am an Abstract-Surrealist painter. My gf is a classic rock/ jazzy musician.
I have come to find that being in an artist couple as an artist works best. I am here to support her work and she is here to support mine and we can collaborate and create a life together.

Our first visit togethe took place in Columbus Ohio this past late september [2011] about a year after we got together actually. She came down with her mother and grandmother and stayed with me and my family for 1 week while her mother and grandmother stayed nearbye in a hotel. During this trip we got to do many amazing things such as going to a medieval renaissance festival as a giant group [me, her, my mom, my sis, her mom, her grandmother]. It was nice that I got to meet her mom and grandmother and she got to meet my dad and brother as well as my mom, sister and my grandparents [moms side] and even briefly one of my friends
We cooked a cuban meal together, we went on the local pathway nearbye our house together and made many memories on the pathway together with a nice pond full of ducks and storks as well as a mini bridge and even got to watch the sunset by the pond together.
We went out stargazing with my big dobsonian 10” reflector telescope and saw many night sky objects, we went to a very “Nature oriented” place in Ohio called “Hocking hills” and saw all of the streams, rocks and trees and stuff there and we even went downtown and visited the local art museum and saw some great paintings and sculptures in which some of the highlight names included- Picasso, Braque, Monet, Matisse, and Pollock as well as a giant room dedicated to the classic painters.
Also, to top it off on her last night here me and her did a painting together that we titled “Onward” to symbolize the relationship just starting to spark and for it to carry onwards.

^^^The painting that we did together

^^^This is our first encounter together in person at the greyhound station in Columbus, OH

^^^Mushrooms in my backyard for Ginela haha

^^^The pond along the pathway in Ohio

^^^The pathway in Ohio that we walked

^^^My girlfriend in my grandparents backyard by one of the plants near the back of their 1/2 acre yrd.

^^^ Me and my girlfriend at the Ohio Renaissance festival

^^^ My sister [Left] with my girlfriend [Right]at the Ohio Renaissance festival

^^^Left to Right: My girlfriend, Me, My sister, my mom- at the Ohio Renaissance festival entrance

^^^My girlfriends grandmother with a meatstick at the Ohio Renaissance

 ^^^ Me standing in front of a Cubist-Picasso still life oil painting at the Columbus, Ohio Art museum

^^^My girlfriend standing in front of an abstract cubist Picasso still life at the Columbus, OH art museum

^^^My girlfriend hugging a tree at Hocking hills, Ohio, on our "Nature walk"

^^^A little message of love that me and my girlfriend left carved in the rocks at Hocking Hills in OH.

^^^Cuban food that me and my girlfriend made while she stayed in Ohio with me [Black beans, rice, chicken, Potatoes, and various peppers and spices]

^^^My girlfriend with my large 7 ft x 5 1/2 Oil painting "Lascaux" just before we took her to the Greyhound station with her mom and grandmother for her long ride home.

It was one giant week of medieval festivity, nature walks, and art as well as family meeting.
Although the best moment remains our first encounter at the bus station when we had our first kiss together. Ill never forget that.

^^^Here is a video of our time at the Ohio Renaissance festival while my girlfriend was in ohio

Our second visit together took place in mid-late december.

This time I went up to mississauga Canada and stayed with her, her mom and brother for 2 weeks!

The extra week was much needed and gave us time to kinda relax and actually see each other comfortably.

During our second visit we spent time with her family around christmas time and had a lamb feast as well as a gift opening in which we invited her dad and grandmother over for. Ginela and her brother both decided to play us some music before we opened gifts together. Ginela sang and played piano and her brother played on the drums. It was an amazing get-together.

I had brought some gifts up to Canada with me to give to the family and my favorite part was seeing Ginelas reaction to the gifts I had got for her.

1 gift was a comprehensive gallery/ photo album of her trip in ohio with pictures of the trip on each page as well as a themed layout for each page that my mom and sister mostly put together for her.
The main gift tho was the custom photo mug that I had made for her featuring the painting that we painted together titled “Onward”
She went innnnsssaaaaannneeeee when she opened this one!

I also made custom coffee mugs with my art and astro images for my girlfriends family as well.

While in Canada me and my girlfriend went downtown to see some of the sites, try some of the diverse food places and most importantly of all we went to my girlfriend's favorite vinyl record shops and purchased some oldschool records that we saw as treasures!

Records from Jimi hendrix and Rainbow to Black Sabbath!

The final days of this trip were rough, not only were we saying goodbye for a few months, but there were bus troubles for me on my way back home.

I apparently got on the wrong bus and it basically took me in a circle around Toronto, lasting an hour or more and then when they made their final stop, I realized that i had got on the wrong bus. My first bus transfer was to be in Buffalo NY...thats not where I ended up... haha. Long story short, my girlfriend, her brother and her dad drove an hour+ out of their way to come pick me up and I stayed an extra night with my girlfriend and got my ticket exchanged for a new one for the following morning. The problems began when my original bus was running an hour late and when a bus showed up, finally, we assumed that it was my bus.

All in all the struggle bought me an extra night with the woman i love, Ginela Gonzalez, and it brough us closer because we worked really hard together to sort it all out and to fix everything.

^^^Here is a picture of m girlfriend in her house around xmas time with the 3 record live vinyl Woodstock set that i got her as a gift :)

^^^There I am with the oldschool Rainbow vinyl record that i picked up at a record store with my girl

^^^ Heres me and my girlfriend wearing some of her shades together around the holidays

^^^This is the X-mas tree that me and my girlfriend put up together, featuring little cut-out ornaments with pictures of my artwork on them with stick/ twig framing that we made together

^^^A close-up of the xmas tree

^^^In the kitchen together

^^^My girlfriend standing next to her mom in her zebra pose haha

^^^Here we are kissing by a tree out on our Canadian pathway ;)

^^^Me and Ginela enjoying the Canadian pathway together

^^^Me and Ginela had a little photoshoot on the Canadian pathway haha

^^^Me and Ginela had a little photoshoot on the Canadian pathway haha

^^^The Canadian pathway

^^^A duck poking his head under water for food along the Canadian pathway haha

^^^Here we are paying a little visit to my girlfriend's Uncle's house
Left to Right: Grandmother, Aunt, Cousin, Me, Girlfriend, Cousin

^^^Me and Ginela just relaxing together

^Me and my girldriend signed her moms cabinet haha

^^^Just relaxing together here

^^^Holding hands one last time on our way to the bus station for my long ride back home

^^^At the bus station right before I leave for my long ride home

Kissing in Canada

^^^our walk on the Canadian pathway PT.1

^^^One of the record stores tha we visited together while in Canada

^^^Me and my girlfriend setting up the christmas tree PT. 1

^^^Here is a video of me and my girlfriend together talking about how we have made the long distance relationship work up to this

Those are breif little documentaries of our 2 trips together so far, once in America, and once in Canada. More to it than meets the eye, but this is a nice little look into our journey together so far.

Many more to come.

I am actually planning on going back up to Canada to visit with my girlfriend and her family sometime at the end of April to stay anywhere from a few weeks to a whole month!!!

Many more great times and great memories to come.

As a ending note as to how we are at the current moment, we are doing great! We are working on 2 yrs together now and we even had an amazing skype Valentines day together in which we sent each other gifts in the mail for and got together online to relax together for the night.

^^^Heres the gift i custom made for my firlfriend as a Valentines gift. This is a custom sized/ framed print of our abstract acrylic painting "Onwards" that we did while she was in Ohio with me.

^^^A Live! Valentines day gift opening through Skype

Almost 2 yrs in and many more to go!

Wish us luck


Ryan Demaree

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